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        Product > Lubricants

        Hydraulic Oil

        Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil

        Features and Benefits

        Excellent anti-wear properties, can effectively extend the life of pumps and systems operation

        Recommended Applications


        Applicable to all types of industrial machinery, engineering machinery, ships, vehicles, low, medium, high-pressure hydraulic system of lubrication.


        Recommends a minimum ambient temperature -15≧.


        technical specifications


        national standards GB 11118.1-94(L-HM)


        International Organization for Standardization ISO 6743/4  L-HM


        Deutsche Institute fur Normung DIN 51524 Part II


        The main products typical data


        Kinematic viscosity 40mO/s             42.50   67.01  GB/T265


        Viscosity Index                                            100    100   GB/T2541


        Flash point (open),                                        238    260    GB/T3536


        Pour point  ,                                                 -15    -13    GB/T3535


        Demulsibility 54)  min                                   5      15    GB/T7305 


        Recommended minimum temperature viscosity grade    46     68


        Recommended minimum temperature                               -10     -8



        Xuzhou Tianhe Petrochemical New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
        Address: No.4, 6 Building , Liuwan New Village , Xuzhou Enconomic Development Zone Phone:86-516-85860599 86-516-87776122
        Pax:86-516-85860599 E-mail:xzthsh888@yahoo.cn Http://www.modoudieng.com
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