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        Product > Lubricants

        Turbine Oil

        Anti-rust turbine oil


        Features and Benefits

        Good rust-proof properties, good oxidation stability, and good oil-water separation performance, long life operation cycle, good air release, anti-foam properties and corrosion protection, the effective protection of steam turbine


        Recommended Applications


        Apply to electric power, large and medium ships and other steam turbine set, water turbine set  for lubrication and sealing


        technical specifications


        In line with national standards GB11120-89



        The main products typical data              32       46      68   

        Experimental Methods


        Kinematic viscosity40mO/s   32.4    42.6    67.8   GB/T265


        liquid corrosion test(synthetic seawater) No rust No rust No rust  GB/T11143


        Viscosity Index                                   100     99      98     GB/T1995


        Flash point (open),                                195     210     215   GB/T3536


        Pour point ,                                         -11    -9       -9       GB/T3535


        Demulsification resistance54)  min       10      10      30     GB/T7305





        Xuzhou Tianhe Petrochemical New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
        Address: No.4, 6 Building , Liuwan New Village , Xuzhou Enconomic Development Zone Phone:86-516-85860599 86-516-87776122
        Pax:86-516-85860599 E-mail:xzthsh888@yahoo.cn Http://www.modoudieng.com
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