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        Anti-rust Emulsified Oil

        Anti-rust Emulsified Oil

        Features and Benefits

        Excellent anti-rust and cleaning performance, Excellent lubricity and cooling properties

        Recommended Applications

        Apply to machinery industry turning, grinding, drilling, pulling and other metal processing technology of lubrication, cooling and cleaning. And could meet the anti-rust requirements between every metal processing .


        Use Concentration 2%-10%


        Technical specifications


        Comply with enterprise standard specifications Q/SH303 039-2003


        Test Project                      Typical data             Experimental Methods


                 ph                                   8                       SH/T0578



         Emulsion Stability15-3524hml               0.4   



            Oil                                        No             


        Anti-rust (iron, 35 +2 ),    hours              SH/T0579


        Single                                     qualified              Q/SH303 039







        Xuzhou Tianhe Petrochemical New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
        Address: No.4, 6 Building , Liuwan New Village , Xuzhou Enconomic Development Zone Phone:86-516-85860599 86-516-87776122
        Pax:86-516-85860599 E-mail:xzthsh888@yahoo.cn Http://www.modoudieng.com
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